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Write-Host – Will the puppies survive

Just updated my virtual computer running Win10. Yes, I am a chicken and have not upgraded my computer from 8.1 yet. Some time in the future I will find time to upgrade, however in the mean time I am quite happy with just running it as a VM.

My current build of powershell is 10041 (yes, I know I am falling behind). I was tweeting with Jan Egil (@JanEgilRing). He mentioned a new cmdlet and a couple of new common parameters that has become available in this build.

We have two new common parameters:
Using my previous get all common parameters, we can indeed confirm that these are new common parameters:

There is also a new cmdlet called Write-Information which has 2 parameters:

There is a new $InformationPreference global variable set to “Continue” by default.

In action
So here is the first attempt to write something in the console:

Write-Information produced no information in the console. Turns out it is not a bug, however a f…