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Showing posts from September, 2014

Powershell - Get loaded assemblies

Sometimes you need to check if an assembly is loaded in your session. How can you check if an assembly is loaded in your current session? You can use this function I have created or roll you own command using [System.AppDomain] and the static method GetAssemblies(). Code: Cheers Tore

Powershell - List information about your WIFI networks

This is just a quick post about this new function I have created. Basically this is a text-output to powershell object output function that uses netsh to query the WIFI information. This illustrates the importance of changing the authentication level on your WIFI-network. No matter if you use WEP/WPA/WPA2 your password is available in clear text in your profile. Cheers Tore

How to undo an Powershell Desired State Configuration (DSC)

I saw a post on this on ( link ) asking about how you could undo/remove a configuration. I understand the question and logic behind it. I would love for DSC to have this functionally, however this is not how it works today. Perhaps some day in the future, however I would not bet on it. If you read this post, it will make perfect sense. The life of an Desired State Configuration (DSC) An configuration item/resource in DSC has to states it lives and cares about. Ensure equals PRESENT or ABSENT . The current state of the item and/or node (the target of the configuration) before the configuration is applied is not "stored" anywhere. It is just how the node is configured before the configuration is committed on the node. Furthermore any individual who has access to the node, may install/configure features that you are not aware of. That is of course if you do not create a configuration consisting of all possible combinations of a configuration state