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Powershell – Another windows registry “module” with a little remote trick

Well it is time for another pure powershell post. This time I have been working with the registry. Feels like I have been living in different hives no matter what area I have been working in in the last 15 years. It has become rather pleasant if I could say so compared to the old VBSCRIPT days and before that reg.exe and ini files. Fist a little history and a discussion. You have a couple of options in regards to reading and/or editing settings in the registry Use the built-in PS-drives (gives you access to HKLM and HKCU) Codeplex module (search on codeplex or in your favorite searchengine – most used and referenced: ) Use the .Net class (normally [microsoft.win32.registrykey]). This gives you access to all the hives in the registry Powershell Desired State Configuration (There is a built-in resource to access the registry) WMI/CIM Which one you pick depends upon your current needs and what you want to accomplish. If you are also in a hu

More Powershell DSC resources released

  The PowerShell Blog has released information about the second wave of resources to use in your Desired State Configuration. Looks like the guys have been really busy  and released some neat resources for us. Here is the list: Resource Description Module Name Link xADDomain Create and manage an Active Directory Domain xActiveDirectory click here xADDomainController Create and manage an AD Domain Controller xActiveDirectory click here xADUser Create and manage an AD User xActiveDirectory click here xWaitForADDomain Pause configuration implementation until the AD Domain is available.  Used for cross machine synchronization. xActiveDirectory click here xSqlServerInstall Create and manage a SQL Server Installation. xSqlps click here xSqlHAService Create and manage a SQL High Availability Service. xSqlps click here xSqlHAEndpoint Create and manage the endpoint used to access a SQL High Availability Group. xSqlps click here