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Microsoft System Center SP1 has arrived

Yes, SP1 has reached RTM You may download it from t he Microsoft Volume Licensing site. There is no separate SP1 download, it is integrated in the suites. Here is a nice overview whats new:
Powershell 3.0 - Kerberos and SPN Just a quick post about Powershell and SPN. I have "used" powershell for several years now. I mean used as in having created some very, very small scripts and cmdlets starting back in 2007 when Microsoft launched their powershell cmdlets for Exchange 2007. Any way, the last months I have been playing heavily with Powershell and have learned the beauty of it quite recently.  I am kind of excited about the new Powershell 3.0 released with Win8 and Microsoft Server 2012. If you have not tried it, I recommend you download it and give it a go. The new built-in editor from Microsoft has actually become very good with intellisense   and other goodies. Quick-tip: When you install the Powershell ISE editor, you get a new cmdlet that gives you the ability to output the results to a sortable gridview. You may also copy and paste to Excel or other applications! Recently I was tasked with creating a script to be able to set SPN for an Active
VMWare ESXi - Hardware monitoring - vSphere host disconnected Recently a client of mine experienced a sudden disconnect of one of their hosts from vSphere Client. A quick check quickly confirmed that the VMs were still running happily along, however the host was "tagged" as disconnected. Forcing a reconnect did not work, so it was time to get my hands dirty and start digging.  I connected to the host in question with SSH and changed directory to the location of the syslog files (you do store your logs on a SAN disk right and not on a local drive?). After some quick searches I noticed this entry in the hostd.log file: 2012-12-24T19:01:01.309Z [FFFC2B90 info 'VmkVprobSource'] VmkVprobSource::Post event: (vim.event.EventEx) { -->    dynamicType = <unset>, -->    key = 1348822881, -->    chainId = 761820257, -->    createdTime = "1970-01-01T00:00:00Z", -->    userName = "", -->    datacenter = (vim.event.Dat