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Not Robots, software

This is a non-technical blog post I felt like writing. Main focus will be the change being driven by the tremendous technological advances the last 5-10 years. The inspiration of this writing is mostly derived from a talk by Technical Fellow Jeffery Snower called “Software development in an age of social responsibility” (it is available on youtube) and my ever curious mind. Executive summary If you think the technological changes are moving fast, you are in for a surprise. It will accelerate exponentially as the  4 th  industrial revolution gains momentum. How will you adapt to the change and what are the things you should think about to avoid extinction for your business? Software is eating businesses and the world and if you think that software does not apply to your organization, you might want to rethink your approach. Recent history In 2011 a paper came out in the Wall Street Journal called “Why Software Is Eating The World”. The paper was written by Marc Andreess