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PowerBus–Sending and receiving ServiceBus messages from powershell

I have been working on implementing ServiceBus using powershell. There is to my knowledge no modules/scripts available to communicate with ServiceBus from powershell. There is a Azure powershell module on Git that enables you to create/manage Queues/namespaces, however not to send/receive messages. Let’s just jump right in and test it. Requrements: Create a Queue on Azure and recceive the connection Information (connectionstring) ( ) Download/clone the PowerBus repository on bitbucket ( ) Unblock the downloaded zip file (unblock-file –path c:\temp\ Copy the module to one of your module paths Import-Module –Name PowerBus How to use After importing these commands will be available for you: Get-BusMessage and Send-BusMessage are used for receiving and sending messages to the Queue. These functions need to