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Ignite 2016 summary – Innovate, optimize, manage and empower your business with IT

This years Microsoft Ignite conference was all about transforming your business with technology. Here is a techy summary for business-minds. Going forward, IT-Pros must prepare to answer both tricky business questions, and leverage new tools to meet business demands. I imagine questions like these:   What are the needs of our business? How can we empower our users to apply the cloud to gain competitive advantages? How can we innovate with greater agility and optimize our IT resources? How can we migrate from the traditional model where IT is just a cost-center, to a lean/mean machine where IT is the engine that powers our business strategy with increased earnings? A model of the traditional business case We live in a traditional world with traditional problems. Simplified a business consists of a few silos: Internal users Your customers Your suppliers and partners The remainder of the universe All of these are connected directly and indirectly through p