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Powershell Common Parameters - Sometimes they need to go in the bin

This will be a short post. Now and again I find myself needing to know the names of the common parameters that is added to an advanced function. Usually this is because I want to use splatting and want to remove any usage of those built-in parameters. Here is how you can do it. This time I was working on an advanced function that had a lot of parameters, counting in at 34 to be more precise. There was also a nice mixture of default values and calculated values that required my attention. The function should output those parameters with their values like so: -Param1 <value> -Param2 <value> Now I could use $PSboundparameters , however that would not include the parameters with default values, hence I went the other way and used $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Parameters . This will give me a dictionary list of all the parameters including the common parameters (see help about_commonparameters) and those have to be removed. A couple of days ago I was browsing around the [ Sy